Sudoku 401
Once you understand how the singles and pencil mark works, we are ready for the next step.
OK, you don’t need four years to start Sudoku 401, but the techniques involved in those puzzles sure make you feel that you need a degree.
Start with “Medium” level, you will learn how to spot “Hidden Triple”, “Naked Triple”, “Hidden Quad”, “Naked Quad” and “X-Wing”. Are you a Star Wars fan like us?
Not that difficult yet, right? Next level “Hard” gives you “Swordfish”, “Jellyfish” and “Finned X-Wing”. Don’t you like the names?
Most people will stop here. Let’s be realistic, most iPhone Sudoku games don’t give you very hard puzzles. We have found most of them stop at our “Medium” level, and occasionally slip in a couple of “Hard” level games.
However, we shall make life harder for you. “Expert” level requires “Squirmbag”, “Finned Swordfish”, “Finned Jellyfish”, “XY-Wing”, “XYZ-Wing”, “WXYZ-Wing”.
And should we continue? Maybe a Sudoku 601?
Sudoku 401