Photos ultra
Photos Ultra is a complete replacement of the standard Camera and Photos app, with a combination of useful features.
Summary: Multiple albums with optional passwords, improved multi-mode camera, map view, photo editing with 20+ effects, Wifi transfer between iPhones, and multi-photo email and Wifi printing.
With the standard Photos app, you have one Camera Roll where all the new photos are saved. You may end up with hundreds or even thousands of photos. It is difficult to find the exact one when you want to share with your friends. In addition, if you have any sensitive photos, they are there for anyone to see.
Photos Ultra allows you to create multiple albums with a simple tap on the “+” button. Enter a name and an optional password, that’s it. If an album is associated with a password, it is protected. A lock icon is displayed on the front page instead of the photo thumbnail, and you have to enter the password to enter the album.
Once in an album, tap the camera button to bring up the camera.
The camera is the same as our popular Night Camera app, with multiple modes: Standard, Stabilization, Sound, Moving, Rapid Fire, Timer, Double Exposure, and Anaglyph 3D.
May options are available under each mode. We pioneered popular features like stabilization (shutter fires when it detects the iPhone as stable, thus eliminate blur caused by camera shake), full screen shutter button (tap anywhere on the screen to fire shutter), Time Stamp (overlay date and time on the photo) and Anaglyph 3D (Take two photos of the same object, we process them with red and cyan filter, and overlay them into one 3D anaglyph photo).
We plan to add even more interesting yet useful modes to enrich your iPhone photography experience.
Back to the album, tap a photo to view the photo in the next screen, then tap “Edit”. You have a variety of editing options.
We don’t make fancy and useless features. All the editing effects are common and useful. They are grouped into “Color”, “Monochrome” and “Art” categories. Editing cannot be easier, swipe up and down to change category, and swipe left and right to change effect.
Again, back to the album, tap the “Edit” button on the right upper corner to access multi-phone operations.
You can move or copy photos to another album. You can delete multiple photos or the album. Most impressively, there are some unique features that you won’t see anywhere else.
You can email up to 20 photos as attachment in one email. Photo emailing on iPhone has always been difficult. It is no longer the case.
You can print photos by Wifi to a printer. This is based on our Air Photo technology and Air Photo Server must be running on PC or Mac.
You can transfer photos between two iPhones running Photos Ultra. This is the easiest way to transfer photos. A couple of taps and your friend gets all the photos you selected. Cannot be easier.
Please see our video on how to use Photos Ultra.