pocket terminal
Credit card terminal, on the go
When you apply for a merchant account at the bank, they will give you an option to buy or rent a wireless terminal.
Instead of the bulky dedicated terminal, why not use the iPhone which you are always carrying around?
Pocket Terminal is a very clean and easy-to-use mobile credit card terminal app with some unique features.
- Supports multiple accounts. Ideal for serial entrepreneurs who have multiple businesses, or if you have multiple accounts for different usage.
- Easy search feature on the transactions panel. Search by credit card number (last four digit) or name.
- Clean interface with easy navigation.
- Supports Authorize.net payment gateway right now. More gateways will be added later.
- Secure SSL connection.
- Works over Wifi or cell network.
Use it to handle credit card transactions when you are on the field. Turn your iPhone to a credit card terminal. It is secure and fast.
Note: You should still get customer's signature for the transaction. We recommend a credit card imprinter, which you can obtain from your merchant account bank.
What you need:
You need a merchant account which uses Authorize.net as payment gateway. You can consult with your bank on how to set this up.
How much does it cost?
Your merchant bank will charge a small fee on each transaction, usually in 2% to 3% range. Consult your bank for details.
Other than the one-time purchase price at App Store, we do not charge any fee per transaction.
Pocket Terminal allows you to have a wireless credit card terminal on the go.
It is easily configurable, supports multiple accounts, and easy to use.
All you need is a merchant account.