Sudoku Learning
There are a lot of Sudoku games out there.
We like to play ourselves, and spent way too much time on it. Eventually, we got fed up getting stuck, and designed our Sudoku games to help you to play and learn.
They play like a regular Sudoku game, until you need help. A simple tap on “Teach me” will bring up our multi-stage teaching system. First, it will highlight some cells of interest. Then, it will tell you what to look for, with the explanation of the technique a tap away. If you still need help, it will highlight the exact candidate to look for, to get rid of, or to select.
Our Sudoku software is a little different. It is your Sensei on iPhone, ready to teach you how to play when you need the help.
Classes available at different levels:
    Sudoku 101
    Sudoku 401
The techniques are covered here.