Sudoku 101
Sudoku 101 is your entry course. It is like the first class on cooking - to get the hands dirty.
What’s the most basic Sudoku technique? Let’s start with a Full House. A House is a Row, Column or a Block. A Full House means eight out of the nine cells are already filled out, all you need to do is to fill in the blank.
Easy, right? Now, let’s move to the Easy level, and it gets a little more complicated. You will try to spot Hidden Singles and Naked Singles.
This is still doable without using pencilmarks. Some people would proudly announce that they never use pencilmarks...unfortunately, that means they never moved beyond the Easy level.
With the Moderate level, we have to look at the potential candidates for the cells, and we will deal with Hidden Pairs and Naked Pairs. This is when Sudoku becomes seriously fun!
The teacher will be with you until then. Sudoku 101 is still a full featured Sudoku Game with no daily limit. You can proceed to play the harder ones which are covered by Sudoku 401....but you are on your own with the harder techniques.
Sudoku 101