Photo LAB
Have some fun with your photos
Don’t you hate cell phone photos?
Most of the time, they are washed out. Most of the time, they have a color tint. Most of the time, when you capture a moment in life, you don’t have the nice camera with you, so you have to settle for whatever you can use to snap a picture.
The iPhone camera is pretty good. The image quality is way better than most of the other smart phones we have used, and we have quite a few.
Yet, it still doesn’t hurt to have some fun.... make your photo goofy, different, or professional.
Photo Lab’s 15 filters won’t disappoint you. It covers most photo filters people use on Photoshop, with a touch of a finger. It cannot be easier, and right now, it cannot be cheaper.
We have released the app to Apple, for.....$2.99...  It probably won’t stay that way for long.
Oh, take a look at the Sepia one in the middle. Don’t you love it?
We will document all the supported image effects here.