Photo Lab released
Photo Lab was approved by Apple. You can find it here.
Cell phone camera, in general, aren’t that good, no matter how many pixels it packs.
iPhone camera has pretty good color balance. However, the contrast is low, and color saturation is low.
Photo Labs packs 20 filters to make your iPhone photo interesting. It has the common filters to adjust color, brightness, contrast, black and white, sepia and etc. Then it has some interesting artistic filters which you won’t find anywhere else, even in PhotoShop. Check the complete listing.
Sudoku 401 was approved by Apple. You can find it here.
We had fun. We are Sudoku addicts, but do you know what’s more fun than playing Sudoku? It is writing the code to solve the puzzle programmatically, with human logic. No brutal force, no shortcuts. Our Sudoku solver searches for patterns recognizable by humans.
And during this process, we became better Sudoku players too.
We started with Sudoku 401, a Sudoku teaching game for iPhone.
Then more exciting things happened. We released Photo Lab and almost ready to release Photo Art.
iPhone turns out to be more fun than we expected.